Who is “Invisible Corners?”

“Invisible Corners” is a side-side-side project from Lucas Moura, aka me!. The website was launched in late 2019 but due to life and other personal issues, it remained dormant until late 2022.

While I plan to get it back on track on longform articles in english, don’t expect it to become the norm. “Invisible Corners” will forever be a small site that’ll use to either talk about what i’m playing, niche stuff or just random thoughts that don’t fit the “professional” style of Hu3Br — my primary website.

If you want to chat, send me stuff or just you know, follow me, you can find me in these platforms:

  • Cohost
  • Mastodon
  • Twitter (not currently active, feel free to DM me though!
  • Hu3Br (my primary website, everything is in Brazilian Portuguese)

Any enquiries should be sent to lucas@hu3br.com

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